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The position of business analyst and its role within the enterprise can vary widely. The actual job which is detailed within a business analyst job description will depend upon the type of business analyst the company is seeking to employ. Some business analysts only deal with issues pertaining to information systems, others specialize in requirements analysis, and some generalize, servicing the business as a whole. However, every business analyst job description will contain similar sections. If you need to develop a business analyst job description, then below is a short guide to the process of creating one.

Define the Business Need

The first thing which needs to be done is to answer the following questions; why does the business need a business analyst? What requirement does the business analyst fulfill? Answer these questions in a single paragraph, for example:

"The business analyst will work with stakeholders across all business units and third party entities to define business processes and specify solutions which enable the business to become more efficient"

This is a very brief overview and it allows possible candidates to rapidly decide if they are suitable for the job and wish to apply.

Define What The Business Analyst
Will Need To Do

For this part of the business analyst job description you will need to follow the lifecycle of the analysis process, asking questions and then answering them to define a set of core responsibilities. These questions could include:

The answers to the questions above will produce a set of responsibilities which can be included in the business analyst job description something like this:

Decide what Real World Qualifications
The Business Analyst Needs

Business Analyst Jobs

To produce a list of skills and qualification an applicant will need, it can be beneficial to look at each core responsibility and ask yourself what the applicant would need to know to fulfill the function? It can help to break this part of the business analyst job description into smaller sections thus:

Identify Success Criteria

Although this section would not appear within the business analyst job description being circulated to candidates, it should be developed at the same time. This section details how the criteria above will be judged to evaluate candidates during the hiring process. An example would be:

"Strong communication, ability to work methodically and to project scope, aligned with the goals of stakeholders and management."

This short paragraph sums up the traits of applicants which would be shortlisted. Although it should not be used as a hard and fast rule when considering the suitability of specific candidates. Instead it should be used as a steering guide towards highlighting the 'type' of person who would fit the job not the 'actual' person who would fit the job.

Developing a proper business analyst job description is not straightforward, anyone attempting to do so for the first time would do well to draw upon resources such as BABOK to make sure they understand how to identify the type of person needed to fit the business analyst's role.

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