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Business Analyst Resume

The competition for business analyst jobs has never been fiercer. Each year more and more graduates leave full time education and begin to look for their first break into the corporate world, a large number of them aspire to become business analysts, adding to the number of people competing for lucrative business analyst positions year after year.

If you really want to get ahead of the rest, and make sure your application for that perfect job is as successful as it can be, you are going to need to develop a specialized business analyst resume.

Why a specialized business analyst resume? Simply because you need a resume that gives the person reviewing applications all of the right answers, to all of the right questions. What are these questions? We will address them below.

Question 1: Who is this person?

Every company looking to recruit a new business analyst will have already identified the kind of person that will fulfill their selection criteria. It is likely that this selection criterion will include considerations such as:

You need to make sure that the big picture your business analyst resume paints, includes facets to address every single one of these requirements. You need to appear to be exactly the kind of person the business is looking for.

Question 2: What can this person do?

A recruiter will have a list of responsibilities prepared, as part of the job description for the job on offer, for which the successful applicant will be responsible for.

Your business analyst resume will need to get the message across that you can take on every one of these responsibilities, and become a valuable asset to the business.

You will need to demonstrate, within your business analyst resume that you can:

The best way to ensure that you cover all of the possible required responsibilities is to highlight training, experience and any professional qualifications you may have gained since leaving full time education. Additionally, be sure to include any courses you have attended during previous terms of employment.

Question 3: What has this person done before?

When employing a business analyst, a company is not simply looking for somebody who has the right skillset; they need to be assured that the applicant can apply this skillset effectively.

When writing your business analyst resume, you need to highlight your track record, to show that you are not simply a well-trained person, with little practical experience.

A traditional resume will simply list past work history and education, to be used as a reference and to fulfil the application requirements.

However, a business analyst resume can be greatly improved by giving a slightly more verbose description of past work experience than would otherwise be presented. Specifically, you need to identify major, successful projects and highlight the part you played in their deployment.

A little homework can go a long way here, check out the company you are applying to, and try and feature projects that may be similar to the kinds of projects they regularly undertake.

Question 4: Is this person worth the investment?

Most people never consider that this question might make up part of the selection criteria when a decision is being made as to the employability of a candidate.

If you have frequently changed jobs, or taken extended periods out of your career (for travelling, having children, or something similar) then you are going to need to play them down. No company is going to invest resources into an individual which they think may simply move on in a few short months. If you have taken time off work for one reason or another, make sure the reason is explained, but do not go into great detail, you want to advise the person reading your business analyst resume why you took time out, but do not make them focus too much upon it.

This has been a short guide to crafting a business analyst resume which will give you a greater chance of landing the job you are applying for.

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