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Business Analyst Salaries

Business Analyst Salaries

Whether you are an established business analyst looking to make a move to a more challenging role, or a recent graduate attempting to break in to the business analyst profession, it pays to make sure you know what current rates for business analyst salaries are. Below we will take a look at the different types of business analyst, their specializations and the salaries they can realistically expect to receive. Finally, we will discuss tertiary skills which can be promoted within your resume to attribute further value.

BA Salaries - The Range

The actual salary a business analyst is offered, will depend upon both their level of seniority and any specialization (such as business systems or project management) they have. Business analyst salaries range from $53,000 for a junior business systems analyst, up to $98,000 for a project manager business analyst. The job of business analyst is an excellent stepping stone for management jobs. Salary levels for management jobs can double the amounts shown above.

BA Salaries - The Average

The average business analyst salary in the USA is around $78,000. This is the pay scale for a business analyst who is proficient in the methodologies and techniques outlined in BABOK, has several years of experience, and does not specialize in any particular doctrine.

Business Analyst Salaries - Seniority

Below is a list of business analyst salaries sorted on seniority and experience. Again, as above, this list does not take into account any form of specialization.

BA Salaries - Specializations

Below is a list of the salary averages for different types of business analysts who have begun to specialize in one (or more) specific types if business analysis.

Tertiary Skills - The Affect upon Salary

If we disqualify any techniques or methodologies which currently are defined as part of BABOK, we are left with a range of skills which although cannot be quantified as business analysis skills, do have value, a value which can affect the salary you are offered. If you have any such skills, be sure to highlight them within your resume, such skills include:


As we can clearly see from the wide range of salaries offered to the various types of business analyst, the business analysis profession is a wide reaching one, encompassing many separate doctrines and specialization. In order to ensure you receive the highest salary possible, make sure you know which salary range you qualify for, and tailor your resume towards it.

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